The Cubberly Community Center in Palo Alto

The Cubberly Community Center roof screen project posed a unique challenge to our estimators and engineers.  We were asked to create a custom design to replace a dilapidated wooden roofscreen, and to match the tilt and color of the screen, while also providing an access gate and keeping the frame footprint as minimal as possible.

Our estimator Nicole Jones worked with our engineers to design a custom framing system that is strong enough to withstand the elements, while keeping with their aesthetic requests. The framing system included minimal roof penetrations using our strong Square Base Attachment System with RotoLockā„¢, and provided the tilt back angle requested by the customer.  Our team also designed a custom gate that opened outward instead of inward, as there was limited space within the roof screen.  

On top of the aesthetic requests, there were HVAC ducts to work around within the limited space inside the roof screen, and we had to design the framing to avoid any possible obstructions this presented.

We were able to provide them with a solid alternative to the old wooden frame while maintaining the look they wanted.  Pioneer Contractors purchased and installed the screen and were very communicative and efficient, while Kristina Sanso, our project manager, was there to assist if they had any questions or needed clarification. The screen was completed with our L10 Louvers and trim, giving it a clean, sophisticated finish that will also avoid building up debris with the tilted angle. 

Instead of a wooden, poorly designed screen, the building now has a strong, specially engineered frame and louver system, designed to last with a 20 year limited warranty.



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