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Have you ever needed to install a heavy duty bolt through something, but couldn’t get to the other side to put the nut on?  Or maybe you could get to the other side, but it would be difficult and time consuming. If you have, no doubt you have also found that all the toggle and blind anchors on the market are really wimpy. What if you need to anchor something big?

That’s why we developed and patented the RoofScreen XBolt®. It’s a heavy duty structural through-bolt that can be installed from one side. It’s simple. It’s fast. It turns a two man job into a quick one man job. 

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XBolt blind anchor installation showing bolt going into concrete substrate and tightened.

XBolt Blind Anchor

The XBolt® Blind Anchor is different than any toggle or molly bolt on the market. The all steel, super heavy duty bolt is designed for structural applications where those other wimpy anchors just won't cut it. 

  • All steel construction
  • Zinc plated finish
  • 3/8" Grade 5 threaded bolt
  • Internal sleeve (collet) to center bolt and prevent movement
  • Solid high strength steel Tee Nut
  • Requires 7/8" pilot hole 
  • Works on substrate thicknesses ranging from 1 3/4" to 6"



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Give us a call and we can help you decide if the XBolt® is right for your application.

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